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Window Well Installation Toronto & Beyond

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Your trusted source of window well installation. From custom window wells, concrete window wells, metal window wells, and more. Working with us, you can be certain that your window wells will be created to the highest standard – functional & good looking.

From general window well installation to custom concrete window wells our team can help. Get a FREE estimate today!

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Window Well Installation Toronto

What are the Benefits of Custom Window Wells?

Concrete is a an excellent fit for a window well – durable & long-lasting. When made of concrete, you window wells will be able to withstand the impact of nature – snow, water, heat and more. Here is more reasons to choose concrete window wells in Toronto:


  • Safety & Security - concrete window wells provide a sturdy and durable barrier around basement windows, that can withstand the impact of nature – snow, rain or heat.

  • Aesthetic Appeal - concrete window wells can enhance the exterior aesthetics of your property. They can be created in various designs, shapes, and finishes, allowing you to choose a style that complements your overall architecture and landscaping. Decorative options, such as stone textures or patterns, can also be incorporated for a more visually appealing look.

  • Natural Light & Ventilation - by installing window wells, you can bring in more natural light and ventilation into your basement. The wells are designed to slope away from the window, allowing sunlight to reach deeper into the basement and improving air circulation.

  • Emergency Egress - in many areas, building codes require basement bedrooms and living spaces to have an emergency egress window. Concrete window wells facilitate this requirement by providing a safe and accessible exit point in case of emergencies. They allow occupants to escape easily and can provide access for rescue personnel.

  • Water Damage Protection - concrete window wells help prevent water infiltration into your basement. They are typically installed with proper drainage systems, directing water away from the window and foundation. This helps reduce the risk of water damage, such as basement flooding or moisture-related issues.

  • Increased Property Value - adding concrete window wells to your home can increase its overall value. The additional safety, functionality, and aesthetics they offer can be attractive features to potential buyers, making your property more appealing in the real estate market.


It's important to note that proper installation and regular inspection are crucial to ensure the continued benefits of concrete window wells. Talk to one of our experts today to discuss how window wells can improve your property!

What to Expect from Window Well Installation?

Window Well Installation 

Window well installation is no ordinary task. If you are looking to get all the benefits of using a window well, it is important to get it installed properly. One of the crucial elements of window well installation & maintenance is proper drainage system installation. Proper drainage will prevent water from accumulating around the window, as a result, you won’t get a basement water leak and won’t need to repair it.


While the details vary, here is an example of our window well installation process in Toronto:


  1. Excavation – is often the first step in any type of window well installation. Our team will excavate deep enough to reach the weeping tiles to ensure your window well is connected to the drainage system. This will prevent floods around the window well in the future.

  2. Weeping Tile Test – a crucial step needed to prevent repairs soon after the window well is installed. Our team will make sure the drainage system functions properly and that the window well can be connected to it without weeping tile cleaning.

  3. Wall Waterproofing – digging deep to install the window well will expose the wall. Our team will seal it with liquid rubber to help prevent basement water leaks through the cracked wall in the future.

  4. Air-Gap Membrane – second step in waterproofing the exposed wall. While the liquid rubber may be enough on its own, we recommend adding an additional layer of protection – better safe than sorry.

  5. PVC Pipe Installation – our team will use a 4-inch PVC pipe to connect the window well to the weeping tile system.

  6. Window well Installation – finally the prep work is complete and now the window well can be installed. This process will vary slightly depending on the type of window well you would like to install. Our team will make sure the window well is installed properly and remains in place after the installation.

  7. Backfilling – our team will use a layes of backfilling soil and drainage gravel to make sure the water flows to the weeping tile properly. In addition, we will help remove the remaining soil, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Window well installation is an excellent way to enhance the look & functionality of your property. Get one of our experts on the phone to discuss your window well installation today!

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What Types of Window Wells Exist, What are their Benefits?

At we can help install & repair window wells of any kind. From custom & concrete window well installations to metal window wells and more. Below is a couple of window well types that we get to work with the most often. Make sure to consult an expert before you decide what window well type is right for you!

  1. Metal Window Well Installation:

    • Metal window wells are typically made of steel or aluminum.

    • They are durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand heavy loads.

    • Metal window wells often have a corrugated or smooth design.

    • They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different window sizes and architectural styles.

    • Metal window wells can be painted or coated to match the exterior of the building.

    • Some metal window wells have built-in steps or ladders for easy access.

  2. Concrete Window Wells Installation:

    • Concrete window wells are made of poured concrete or precast concrete blocks.

    • They are sturdy, long-lasting, and provide excellent structural support.

    • Concrete window wells can be custom-designed to fit specific window sizes and shapes.

    • They offer good insulation and can help prevent water penetration.

    • Concrete window wells can be finished with various textures or coatings for aesthetic appeal.

    • They are typically more expensive and require professional installation due to their weight and complexity.

  3. Composite Window Well Installation:

    • Composite window wells are constructed using a combination of materials, such as fiberglass, plastic, or resin.

    • They offer a lightweight alternative to metal or concrete window wells.

    • Composite window wells are resistant to rust, rot, and corrosion.

    • They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

    • Composite window wells come in different designs and can be painted or finished to match the building's exterior.

  4. Modular Window WellsInstallation:

    • Modular window wells consist of interlocking panels that can be assembled to create the desired size and shape.

    • They are versatile and adjustable, making them suitable for various window dimensions.

    • Modular window wells are often made of plastic or galvanized steel.

    • They are lightweight, easy to install, and can be relocated if needed.

    • Some modular window wells have built-in drainage systems to prevent water accumulation.

  5. Egress Window Wells Installation:

    • Egress window wells are specifically designed to meet building codes for basement egress windows.

    • They provide a safe means of escape in case of emergencies.

    • Egress window wells are typically larger and deeper to allow easy access.

    • They often feature steps, ladders, or built-in platforms for convenient exit.

    • Egress window wells can be constructed using different materials like metal, concrete, or composite.

When choosing a window well type, consider factors such as durability, aesthetics, budget, local building codes, and the specific requirements of your project.

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