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Concrete Sidewalk Repair Toronto & Ontario

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Get our team of experts to helpw with Concrete Sidewalk Repair & Replacement services in Toronto, GTA and South Ontario. Our team is here to help with variety of sidewalk problems – cracks, sinking sidewalks and other types of damages. We can help no matter the project - sidewalk sealing, leveling, resurfacing or replacing the walkway for commercial and residential clients.


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Why Sidewalks Need Repair?

Why Concrete Sidewalks Break?

Our team works with sidewalk repair, restoration, and replacement projects daily. In our experience, some of the most common reasons why sidewalks get damaged include:


  • Freeze-Thaw Cycle – unprotected sidewalks and driveways can get damaged because the freezing water expands, creating pressure on the sidewalk, and leading to cracks and breaks.

  • Tree Roots - tee roots can cause sidewalks to lift, crack, and break as they grow underneath them.

  • Heavy Loads - concrete may crack under the strain of heavy loads, like large vehicles or even just regular foot traffic over many years.

  • Poor Construction & Materials - uneven or improper installation poor quality concrete materials or not following the concrete installation process can lead to increased stress on certain parts of the sidewalk, causing it to crack and break
    Soil Expansion & Contraction - the soil underneath the sidewalk can expand in wet conditions and contract in dry conditions, moving or eroding over time. This constant movement can cause concrete damage over time.

  • Age - as with any material, concrete will naturally deteriorate and weaken over time due to constant exposure to the elements, resulting in cracks and breaks.

  • Chemical Exposure - concrete can also deteriorate due to exposure to certain chemicals. For instance, the use of de-icing salts during winter months can cause the concrete to break down.

  • High Temperatures - extreme heat can cause the water in the concrete to evaporate, leading to shrinkage and cracks in the sidewalk.


No matter why you need sidewalk repairs, our team can help. Get one of our concrete contractors to discuss the problem you are trying to solve the best way to approach it. Book a FREE estimate today!

Sidewalk Repaur Cost Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

How Much Does Sidewalk Repair Cost Toronto?

Concrete sidewalk replacement in Toronto costs from $5 to $30 per square foot. Cost of sidewalk replacement depends on the ease of access, special requirements to the concrete (e.g. heated concrete), finish types selected and the sidewalk you currently have in place. During the FREE estimate process our team will determine the specific price for your walkway replacement project.

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Concrete Walkway Repair Services Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

Services Under Concrete Sidewalk Repair


This involves applying a custom-mixed concrete patch to small areas of damage, such as cracks or holes, on the sidewalk surface. Once dry, the patched areas seamlessly blend with the original sidewalk, renewing its appearance and functionality.


This procedure lifts uneven or sunken sidewalk slabs back into place. This is often done through a process known as slabjacking, which involves injecting a material under the slab to lift it back up to its original position.


Concrete Sidewalk Repair Services

For flawless and durable concrete floors, count on We provide expert concrete floor installation using high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship, ensuring a smooth and visually appealing surface that lasts.

Concrete curbs installed in a parking lot in 331 Front Street Toronto

Trust for precise and sturdy concrete curb installation. Our team ensures accurate measurements, proper drainage, and a smooth finish, creating curbs that enhance the safety and aesthetics of your property.


Sidewalk Restoration Services

This service aims to restore the appearance and functionality of the sidewalk by addressing various problems like cracks, unevenness, or damage from tree roots. This could involve a variety of methods, including patching, leveling, grinding, or sealing. 


Concrete Sidewalk Sealing

Our team of experts will apply a protective sealant over the sidewalk's surface. The sealant helps protect the concrete from weather damage, extends its lifespan, and can also enhance its aesthetic appeal by adding a shiny finish.


Sunken Sidewalk Repair

This service addresses sidewalk slabs that have sunk into the ground, often due to soil compaction or erosion. Similar to slab jacking, it involves lifting the concrete back to the surface level to restore the sidewalk's original shape and functionality.


Sidewalk Crack Repair

In this service, cracks in the sidewalk are filled and sealed. This not only improves appearance, but also serves to prevent water infiltration that can lead to larger issues like frost heave or destabilization of the sidewalk base.


Also known as mudjacking, this process corrects a sunken sidewalk slab by pumping a specific mixture under the slab. Through the hydraulic pressure, the slab raises back to its original position. 


Sidewalk Demolition

Sidewalk demolition is the process of breaking down and removing an existing concrete sidewalk. This is typically done when the sidewalk is beyond repair or needs to be replaced due to extensive damage, redesign or construction purposes. The process involves the use of heavy machinery or specific tools to break up the concrete and then safely remove the debris. This may include the removal of underlying materials as well. 

Commercial, Industrial and Business Concrete Services

Commercial & Residential Concrete Sidewalk Repairs

Meet, your go-to solution for exceptional concrete sidewalk repairs. We proudly offer superior-quality sidewalk repair & replacement services for commercial and residential clients. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to restoring the integrity of your sidewalks, enhancing not just their appearance but also their durability. With our proficient handling of concrete, don't let the annoyance of damaged sidewalks trouble you anymore. Choose for reliable & efficient concrete repair services that bring your sidewalks back to life!

  • Condos & Apartment Building

  • Retail Stores & Shopping Malls

  • Office Buildings

  • Parking lots

  • Hotels

  • Landlords

  • Factories

  • Warehouses

  • Distribution Centres

  • Car Dealerships

  • Industrial buildings

  • And so much more!

Service Areas

Concrete Repair Toronto & Beyond

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Basement waterproofing services include a variety of services of different complexity. Get one of our experts on the phone and we will be happy to recommend the best solution for your specific scenario.

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  • How much concrete leveling cost vs concrete replacement?
    Concrete leveling normally costs about 25%-50% less compared to concrete replacement. Exact price will depend on the specifics of the property, type of concrete that needs to be repaired or replaced and other requirements of the project.
  • How long will concrete repair last?
    Concrete repair normally lasts between five to ten years, however this can vary greatly from property to property depending on how frequently concrete is used, exposure to the nature and other factors.
  • How much does asphalt driveway cost vs concrete driveway?
    Asphalt driveway in Toronto typically costs $3-$5 per square foot, compared to concrete driveway at $5-$7 per square foot. However, in the long run concrete will likely last longer, require less maintenance. Concrete is also considered more durable and will likely last longer.
  • How much does an average concrete driveway replacement cost?
    You can expect to pay between $5-$20 per square foot of concrete driveway. An average total cost of concrete driveway construction in Toronto ranges from $3,000 to $20,000+.
  • Can I pour concrete myself?
    In some cases you may be able to pour the concrete slab yourself (provided that you don’t need a license or permit in your location). However, this is not recommended as there is a limited time you have before the concrete cures. If not done properly, your concrete slab may crack, or have limited durability, which will require concrete repair or replacement.
  • How big of a concrete slab can I pour myself?
    In some cases a diy project may be possible to pour a relatively small concrete slab (for example for bbq). However, larger projects like concrete sidewalks, driveways or even patio concrete slab pouring will require professional help. This is primarily because you have limited time to finish the concrete properly. If not done correctly, your concrete may not be as durable, will crack or break. In addition, in some locations and some projects may require permits or a license. Always speak to an expert before making decisions about concrete projects.
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