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Concrete Repair Contractors Barrie

Where Quality & Good Price

Welcome to Repair Concrete Barrie! Your trusted concrete contractors Barrie and beyond. Our team is trained to deliver excellent quality concrete replacement & repairs for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Our services range from concrete repair and foundation repairs to concrete construction services such as concrete slabs, sidewalks, driveways, stairs, and concrete curbs, as well as basement walkout construction, underpinning, and more.


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Concrete Repair Barrie & Beyond

Trusted Concrete Contractors & Construction Company

Welcome to - your trusted concrete contractor Barrie! Built on the opportunity to offer quality concrete contractor services for an excellent price. Our has the expertise & process required to deliver excellent quality concrete repair work, every time.


From helping you find the right approach to solve your problem to delivering quality workmanship and a smooth process, our team is here to help.


But any project starts with a FREE estimate. Get one of our concrete contractors on the phone today!

Concrete Construction & Repair Barrie

Personalized Concrete Repair & Construction Services

Our team of concrete contractors offers so much more than just concrete repairs. We approach every project with a problem in mind. Our team will pick the best service depending on your goal, budget, objectives and the plan for the specific property. From sunken concrete repairs, and concrete resurfacing projects to driveway construction and industrial flooring our team will help pick the best approach to achieve your objective.


Concrete is an art & a science, get one of our concrete contractors to design your next concrete masterpiece in Barrie & beyond!


Concrete is durable, but over time everything needs to be repaired. That's where our team comes in. Our concrete contractors can help with any kind of concrete repair project - concrete crack repairs, physical impacts, chipped & flaky concrete repair, epoxy solution injection, concrete sealing, routing, patching and so much more. But every concrete repair project starts with a call


Concrete driveways are one of the favorite projects we work on. Replacing the concrete driveway will help improve your property's curb appeal, will likely increase your property price, and will definitely make you enjoy your property even more. Our team is often called over to repair & replace concrete driveways, and parking lots for residential and commercial use. Let's replace your driveway today!


Concrete Polishing

Make your concrete floor clean and polished. One of our favourite techniques to add a wow factor to the concrete floor in your home. 


Similar to concrete in other spaces - it is important to repair flaking or cracked concrete porches, as well as concrete corners that fall off etc. Ask our experts about concrete porch repairs that we offer.


Foundation Repair

Concrete repair gets way more complex when it's in the foundation. It is important to have a professional to assess the foundation damage and repair the concrete in your home or a commercial building. And we can definitely help you with this!


Concrete Slab Pouring

Plain, reinforced, flat, horizontal. We are often called to pour a new concrete slab or replace concrete in basements, patios, front porches, etc. Our team can also help seal your new concrete slab ensuring durability and giving it a fresh brand new look. We can help give your concrete a new look even if it's fading, cracked, or stained.


Repairing concrete sidewalks of any difficulty - sunken concrete, cracked concrete, sidewalk replacements, as well as resurfacing and more. Our team is experienced in various sidewalk finishing techniques - decorative, brushed, patterned, coloured concrete and more.


Retaining walls are definitely an art and a very pleasing task to do. Our team can help install a retention wall after we build a walkout basement after exterior basement waterproofing or simply give your backyard a brand-new look. Concrete, stone, caged rocks - you name it! Ask our experts about cantilever RW, anchored stones, gravity RW, and other types of retention blocks!


Epoxy Flooring Services

Safe and beautiful, this environmentally-safe solution is an excellent choice for a variety of properties - residential, commercial, and industrial. Book a free estimate today!


Sugging & sunken concrete can be repaired. We often use concrete leveling techniques to help get your slabs a second life. Mud jacking, foam leveling, or a stone slurry approach will fix your uneven concrete in the patio, backyard, and more.


Concrete parging is a technique that involves applying a thin layer of a mortar or cement mix onto the surface of concrete walls or foundations. This method serves as a protective shield, safeguarding the concrete structure against weather, dirt, and moisture exposure, thus prolonging its lifespan.

Example of Basement Walkout

Basement wall cutouts and full-scale basement walkout construction projects are some of our favorites. Imagine turning your basement into a standalone living space? We can make it happen.

Concrete Construction Service Gallery

Photos of Concrete Contractor Work

Work With Expert Concrete Contractors Barrie

Why Professional Concrete Contractors?

Concrete is the foundation of modern construction, quite literally. From towering skyscrapers to humble residential driveways, concrete is the backbone of our built environment. However, the success of any concrete project hinges on the expertise of the professionals entrusted with its installation. Hiring professional concrete contractors is not just a matter of convenience; it's a strategic decision that ensures the longevity, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your concrete.


Concrete contractors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table of different approaches, concrete mixes, curing times, finishing techniques, etc. This is how you can create durable, long-lasting structures that can withstand the test of time and environmental conditions.


After a couple of hundred of concrete projects, you learn the details of the craft. From proper grading and compacting of the sub-base to the precise mixing and pouring of concrete, every step is crucial. Our team will ensure that the concrete is laid down evenly, free from cracks, and with the desired finish.


In addition, concrete work involves the use of specialized equipment and tools. Working with professionals, you can expect them to have the right machinery to handle various aspects of the job, from excavation and leveling to concrete pouring and finishing. That’s another plus of working ith experts.


Also, think about cost-effectiveness. While it might seem tempting to tackle a concrete project on your own, the cost of mistakes can quickly add up. Incorrectly mixed concrete, improper curing, or inadequate finishing could result in the need for extensive repairs or even a complete redo. Hiring professionals from the outset might have a higher upfront cost, but it saves you money in the long run by avoiding costly fixes down the line.


Plus keep the timing in mind. If you want something done on time, you need experience doing it. The right approach & the right estimate are the keys to success.


And our team is here to do just that. Let's find the right solution to your problem, estimate the timing, and use quality tools & workmanship to complete your concrete repair or replacement project. Speak to our representatives today!

Residential & Commercial Concrete Services

Types of Properties we Service 
Repair & Pouring Services

Our team of professional concrete contractors is experienced in a variety of residential & commercial concrete projects.

  • Interior Concrete Floors

  • Exterior Concrete Work

  • Driveways Repair & Replacements

  • Garage Floor Installation

  • Patios & Outdoor Kitchens

  • Pool Surroundings

  • Commercial Properties

  • Parking Lots

  • Shopping Malls

  • Car Dealerships

  • Stores

  • Condos & Apartment Building

  • Homes & Cottages

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