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Concrete Contractor & Construction Milton

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Meet offers a comprehensive list of concrete repair, concrete construction, and foundation repair services in Milton. From concrete patching and cracked concrete repair to concrete slabs, sidewalks, and concrete driveways to advanced services like basement walkouts, foundation repair, basement underpinning, and more. Talk to one of our experts for a FREE estimate of concrete repair and construction for your commercial and residential property.


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Professional Concrete Contractor Milton

Why Get Professional Concrete Repair & Construction Services Milton?

Seeking professional concrete repair and construction services is essential for several reasons. Firstly, professionals have the expertise and skills needed to accurately assess and diagnose concrete issues.


Our team of trusted concrete contractors can help identify underlying problems that may not be apparent to an untrained eye. In addition, professional contractors have access to advanced equipment and tools, which enable them to complete projects efficiently and effectively.


When working with clients we can recommend the right approach to your project - to repair, or replace concrete using various concrete repair techniques. This allows us to choose the most suitable and durable solution for your specific requirements.


In addition, a professional team of concrete contractors will help ensure compliance with safety and other local regulations. Hiring professionals will save you time and effort while delivering long-lasting results, ensuring the longevity and durability of concrete structures.


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Concrete Cost Milton

Concrete Construction Cost in Milton

Concrete construction cost in Milton ranges from $5-$30 per square foot. Cost of concrete for your project will depend on the ease of access to the area, the type of concrete needed, the concrete finish you choose and other factors. Concrete contractors will estimate the cost during the quotation process.

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Residential & Commercial Concrete Construction

Personalized Concrete Construction Services in Milton

Looking for top-notch concrete repair and construction services in Milton? Look no further than! We take pride in delivering exceptional quality workmanship and expertise in handling all types of concrete projects. Whether you need repairs for your residential or commercial property or require new concrete construction, our team of professionals has got you covered. 

With our commitment to using the best materials and employing advanced techniques, we ensure long-lasting and durable results for every project we undertake. Don't settle for anything less than the best – contact today for all your concrete repair and construction needs in Milton!


Commercial Concrete Construction services involve the construction of various concrete structures for commercial properties, such as driveways, sidewalks, slabs, and floors. Commercial concrete projects normally start with a FREE estimate, followed by proper planning and design. Once planning is complete, permits will need to be obtained (as required by local regulations). Next, our team will shift the gears to excavation and the pouring of concrete. Highly skilled professionals ensure that the concrete is leveled and cured to create a solid and durable surface.


Concrete Removal

When concrete structures need to be completely taken out, concrete removal services come into play. They can include removing concrete and concrete structures such as concrete walls, stairs, sidewalks and more. Concrete removal process typically involves breaking up and removing concrete using heavy machinery and tools. Careful consideration is given to safety procedures and proper disposal of the removed material in an environmentally friendly manner.


Concrete slab construction is commonly used for foundations, flooring, patios, or other flat surfaces. The process starts with site preparation and leveling of the ground. Along with compacting soil, a sub-base may be added for stability. Reinforcement may be included depending on the load requirements. Concrete is poured into carefully designed forms, and finishing techniques are applied to achieve a smooth and level surface.

Cost of Concrete Slab: $5-$20+ per square foot


Basement underpinning is a construction technique used to increase the depth or strength of an existing basement foundation. It involves strengthening and extending the foundation walls downwards to create additional height or support. Underpinning is typically done when there is a need to increase the headroom in a basement or reinforce a weakened foundation due to soil settlement, structural damage, or changes in usage.

Basement Underpinning Cost: $76-$350 per linear foot

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Bench footing can help lower the basement floor and is an alternative to basement underpinning. Both techniques have their differences and are used in various scenarios. Bench footing can be less expensive and in some cases may be easier to get permits. Talk to an expert to discuss your basement benching plans today!


Concrete Repair 

Concrete Repairs will help address any damage or deterioration in existing concrete structures. The process typically involves identifying the problem areas, removing damaged sections, and patching or filling them with high-strength concrete or specialized repair materials. Concrete repair aims to restore the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the affected surfaces. Concrete repair services can address a wide range of problems related to deteriorated or damaged concrete structures. Common issues that concrete repair can address include cracks, spalling, scaling, settlement, uneven surfaces, and structural instability.


Whether it's for residential or commercial purposes, the construction process for concrete sidewalks involves excavation, leveling the ground, forming the desired shape with wooden or metal forms, placing reinforcing materials (if necessary), and pouring and finishing the concrete. Proper curing is essential to ensure a strong and long-lasting surface. Our team of professional concrete sidewalk contractors can help repair, replace and build new sidewalks for your property.

Concrete Walkway Cost: $5-$30+ per square foot

Example of Basement Walkout

Basement Walkout Construction

Basement walkout services can help add an outside entrance to the basement or exit point from the basement to the exterior of a building. This service includes excavation, installation of stairs or ramps, forming appropriate openings in the foundation walls, and construction of retaining walls if necessary. It provides convenient access and additional living space for homes or commercial properties with basements.


Concrete leveling, also known as slab lifting or mudjacking, is the process of raising sunken or uneven concrete surfaces. It involves drilling small holes into the affected areas and injecting a specialized mixture underneath to lift the slab and restore it to its proper position. This is an effective solution for addressing tripping hazards and improving aesthetics.

Concrete Leveling Cost: $3-$10+ per square foot


A retaining wall is a structure designed to hold back or retain soil or other materials in a sloped or uneven area. It is commonly used in landscaping and backyards to provide support and prevent erosion or collapse of the soil behind it or for aesthetic purposes. Retaining walls can be constructed using various materials such as concrete, stone, brick, or timber.


Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is a precise technique used to create openings or modify existing concrete structures. Diamond saws or specialized tools are employed to cut through concrete walls, slabs, or foundations. This service is commonly used for creating doorways, windows, utility access points, or modifying the shape and size of concrete structures. For example, basement walkout construction services or wall removal can also rely on concrete cutting.


Concrete driveway construction is the process of designing, preparing, and constructing a driveway using concrete as the primary material. It involves several steps to ensure a durable and functional driveway. The construction process typically starts with site preparation, which includes clearing vegetation, grading the area, and excavating the soil to create a stable base. Once the ground is prepared, a layer of compacted gravel or crushed stone is added as a sub-base for added stability. Next, forms are installed to define the shape and boundaries of the driveway. Reinforcement may be added depending on the load requirements. Finally, concrete is poured into the forms, leveled, and finished using various techniques such as troweling or brooming to achieve the desired surface texture. Our team can help with concrete driveway construction and repair of any difficulty for parking lots, driveways and more.

Concrete Driveway Cost: $5-$30+ per square foot


Foundation repair aims to address issues such as cracks, settling or weakened structural integrity in a building's foundation. This can involve various techniques like underpinning, where additional support is provided by strengthening existing footings or adding new ones. These services are crucial for ensuring the stability and safety of a building's foundation.

Foundation Repair Cost: $1,500-$12,000+


Concrete parging services can help apply a thin protective coating on existing concrete walls or surfaces. It helps to enhance the appearance, protect against moisture penetration, and provide a smooth and uniform finish. The process involves cleaning and preparing the surface, applying a bonding agent if needed, and carefully layering the parging material.

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Concrete steps building can be used for outside and inside areas. We can help create concrete steps for basement walkouts, sidewalks, and other areas. Constructing concrete steps involves careful planning, excavation, forming, reinforcing if necessary, and pouring concrete to create durable and aesthetically pleasing steps. Proper design and installation ensure the safety and functionality of the steps for residential or commercial properties.

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