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Concrete Contractor Vaughan

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Meet is a trusted concrete contractor serving Vaughan. Our team of experts can help with concrete installation, concrete repair and replacement services. From concrete driveways and sidewalks, concrete floor leveling and resurfacing to parging, floor repairs and advanced projects like basement walkouts and basement underpinning.


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Trusted Concrete Company Vaughan

Why Hire Professional Concrete Contractor in Vaughan?

Our team of expert concrete contractors can help get the job done – professional, long-lasting and always on time. This will give you peace of mind that the work is done right. We often hear property owners say that working with professionals for concrete installations brings the following benefits.


  • Expertise - professional concrete contractors have extensive knowledge and experience in working with different types of concrete projects. Get the planning, design, preparation, and execution done right.

  • Time & cost savings - hiring a professional contractor can save you time and money in the long run.

  • Proper equipment & tools - professional concrete contractors have access to the latest and most advanced equipment and tools required for concrete work.

  • Compliance with regulations – did you know that some of the concrete projects may need city permits and other documentation? That’s where professionals come in.

  • Warranty & insurance - reputable concrete contractors provide warranties for their work, giving you peace of mind knowing that any potential issues or defects will be addressed.

  • Design assistance - professional concrete installers can offer design assistance and help you choose the right materials, styles, and finishes for your concrete project.


Wonder what your next concrete repair or installation project should look like? Book a FREE estimate today!

Concrete Repair & Installation Cost Vaughan

Concrete Cost Vaughan

Concrete in Vaughan costs $5-$30 per square foot. The specific price will depend on the service you need, concrete requirements, ease of access and other details. For example, concrete slab costs is $5-$20 per square foot, Concrete Floors - $5-$30 per square foot. During the FREE estimate our team will provide the specific concrete installation and repair cost for your project.

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Residential & Commercial Concrete Services Vaughan

Popular Concrete Services in Vaughan is a trusted concrete contractor offering quality commercial and residential concrete repair and installation services in Richmond Hill and South Ontario. With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in a wide range of concrete projects, including concrete sidewalks, driveways, concrete sealing, concrete steps construction and installation, basement underpinning, walkout basements, window and wall cutouts, and much more. Our team of expert concrete contractors is highly skilled in handling all aspects of the project, from design to completion, ensuring impeccable workmanship and exceptional results. Whether you need to repair an existing concrete structure or install a new one, is committed to delivering outstanding service and exceeding customer expectations. Trust them with your concrete needs and experience the highest level of quality, reliability, and professionalism. Book a FREE estimate today!


Our team of concrete contractors will identify and fix damaged or deteriorated concrete surfaces. This can include filling cracks, fixing chips, patching holes, or replacing sections of concrete to restore the structural integrity and overall appearance of the surface.

Example of Basement Walkout

Basement Walkouts

Basement walkouts involve creating an additional entrance or exit from a basement directly to the outside. This can be achieved by excavating a portion of the basement wall and installing doors, stairs, or ramps, allowing for convenient access to the basement space.


Concrete leveling, also known as slab jacking or mud jacking, is a process used to correct uneven or sunken concrete surfaces. It involves injecting a grout mixture beneath the concrete to lift and level it, restoring its original position and improving its functionality.

Concrete Leveling Cost: $3-$10+ per square foot


Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a process of mechanically grinding and polishing the surface of a concrete slab to achieve a high-gloss, reflective finish. It involves multiple steps of grinding with progressively finer diamond abrasives to create a smooth, polished, and visually appealing surface.


Retaining walls are structures built to hold back or retain soil, creating level areas on slopes. These walls are typically made of reinforced concrete or concrete blocks, providing stability, preventing erosion, and adding an aesthetically pleasing element to landscapes.


Foundation Repair

Foundation repair services focuse on fixing issues with the foundation of a structure. It can involve stabilizing or reinforcing the foundation walls, addressing foundation cracks or settlement, waterproofing, or installing drainage systems to prevent further damage.

Wall & Floor Crack Repair Cost: $1,500-$3,200


Concrete driveways are constructed by pouring and leveling concrete to create a durable and functional surface for vehicles to drive on. It involves proper excavation, grading to ensure proper drainage, reinforcement, and finishing techniques to create a smooth and long-lasting driveway.

Concrete Driveway Cost: $5-$30+ per square foot


Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy flooring is a type of flooring material that is created by applying multiple layers of epoxy resin onto a concrete surface. It provides a durable, stain-resistant, and attractive finish, making it suitable for commercial, industrial, or residential spaces.


Concrete parging is a technique used to apply a thin layer of mortar or cement mix to the surface of a concrete wall or foundation. This process helps to improve the appearance, weather resistance, and durability of the concrete by filling in cracks, smoothing rough areas, and providing a protective barrier.

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We offer Concrete stairs installation, repair, and replacement services in Vaughan and beyond.  Concrete steps are constructed by pouring and shaping concrete to create durable and safe staircases. This involves proper formwork, reinforcement, and finishing techniques to ensure the structural integrity and visual appeal of the steps.


Basement underpinning is a process that involves strengthening the foundation of a building by constructing additional supports underneath. This is typically done to increase the depth or stability of the foundation, allowing for additional basement space or to prevent structural damage.

Basement Underpinning Cost: $76-$350 per linear foot


Concrete sidewalks are pathways typically found in residential areas or public spaces. They are built by pouring and finishing concrete to create a safe and accessible pedestrian walkway. This includes proper preparation, pouring, and finishing techniques to ensure a level and durable surface.

Concrete Walkway Cost: $5-$30+ per square foot


Concrete slab installation involves pouring and leveling a large, flat, and rectangular concrete surface to serve as a foundation for structures such as garages, sheds, or patios. It requires proper excavation, grading, reinforcement, and curing techniques to ensure a strong and stable foundation.

Cost of Concrete Slab: $5-$20+ per square foot


If your porch has suffered damage or deterioration, our concrete porch repair services can restore its structural integrity and visual appeal. Our skilled team will assess the damage, repair any cracks or chips, and provide a protective coating to ensure long-lasting durability and aesthetics.

Bench Footing with Brick Wall Example.jpeg

Basement bench footing services involve creating a reinforced concrete base or footing to support the weight of a structure. It is commonly used in buildings or structures where the soil conditions require extra support and stability. Oftentimes times this service is less expensive compared to basement underpinning, but allows you to achieve similar floor lowering results.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Contractor Vaughan

Concrete Finishes Popular inVaughan

Our team of experts offers Residential, and Commercial Concrete services in Toronto, GTA and South Ontario. Our team has experience & expertise to help with concrete work of any size – from small sidewalk repair projects to concrete parking lots, concrete flooring and more. Our clients include.


Broomed Finish

Broomed concrete finish is achieved by using a broom to create texture on the surface of freshly poured concrete. The broom is dragged across the surface while it is still wet, leaving behind textured lines that enhance traction and prevent slipping. This finish is commonly used for outdoor areas like driveways, sidewalks, or pool decks.


Pebble finish is achieved by embedding small pebbles or stones into the surface of wet concrete. The pebbles are pressed into the concrete and then allowed to set. Once the concrete has hardened, the surface is polished to expose the embedded pebbles, creating a textured and decorative finish. This finish is commonly used for outdoor pathways, patios, or pool decks.


Stamped Concrete Finish

Stamped concrete finish is achieved by pressing various patterns or textures into the surface of wet concrete. Stamp mats or tools are used to create the desired design, replicating the look of materials like brick, stone, or tile. This finish allows for decorative possibilities and can be used for walkways, patios, or even indoor floors.


Patio Rock Salt Finish

Rock salt finish creates texture to your concrete by adding rock salt on top of it. After the concrete has dried, the salt is washed away, leaving behind small indentations and a textured appearance. This finish is commonly used for driveways, sidewalks, or any area where a unique textured look is desired.


Trowel Finish

Trowel finish, also known as smooth finish, involves using a trowel to smooth and level the surface of freshly poured concrete. The trowel is applied to the wet concrete repeatedly until the surface is even and free of imperfections. This finish is commonly used for interior floors, countertops, or walls.


Stenciled Concrete Finish

Stenciled finish involves using stencils to create intricate patterns or designs on the surface of freshly poured concrete. The stencil is laid onto the wet concrete, and a coloring agent or texture is applied over the stencil to achieve the desired pattern. Once the concrete has cured, the stencil is removed, leaving behind a decorative finish. This finish is often used for walkways, patios, or decorative accent areas.

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