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Concrete Steps Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

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Meet is a trusted company providing concrete stairs installation, repair, resurfacing and other services. Our team can help extend concrete stairs, repairs cracks, or crumbling steps, seal the steps and even install or replace concrete stairs railing.

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Concrete Stairs Repair May be Needed if

Why do Concrete Stairs Break?

Working with property owners all around Toronto, GTA & Ontario we see different scenarios of why concrete stairs break, crumble or otherwise need repairs. Common reasons include improper concrete stair installations to low quality materials, no concrete sealing and more.


  • Poor installation - the concrete steps were not constructed correctly, with insufficient reinforcement or improper curing techniques, they may be prone to cracking and breaking.

  • Heavy loads - concrete stairs are designed to withstand a certain amount of weight, but if the load exceeds the stairs' capacity, they may crack or break. This can occur if heavy furniture or equipment is moved up or down the stairs or if the stairs are subjected to frequent heavy foot traffic.

  • Settlement or movement of the ground - if the soil underneath the concrete stairs settles or shifts, it can cause the stairs to crack or break. This can occur due to improper compaction during construction or natural soil movement over time.

  • Freeze-thaw cycles - in colder climates (like Canada), if water seeps into the concrete and freezes, it can cause the concrete to expand and crack. This freezing and thawing cycle can weaken the structural integrity of the stairs over time.

  • Chemical damage - exposure to chemicals, such as de-icing agents or harsh cleaning solutions, can deteriorate the concrete over time, making it more susceptible to cracking and breaking.

  • Age & wear - like any construction material, concrete deteriorates with age and use. Over time, the concrete stairs may develop cracks and breaks due to general wear and tear.


To minimize the risk of concrete stairs breaking, proper construction techniques, reinforcement, and regular maintenance should be implemented.


Talk to one of our concrete repair experts to discuss y how your concrete stairs can be repaired & maintained!


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Concrete Steps Installation, Repair & Replacement Cost Toronto & Ontario

How Much Do Concrete Steps Cost?

Concrete steps repair or installations in Toronto costs from $200-$600+ per step. The specific cost of concrete steps will depend on the specific task we need to complete, ease or access, and additional requirements like hand railing installation for concrete steps. The specific cost will be provided during the estimation process. Get a FREE estimate today!

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Concrete Stairs Installation, Repair, Extension in Toronto, GTA & Ontario

Concrete Stairs Services Include

Looking for high-quality concrete steps installation, extension, or repair services in Toronto, the GTA, or South Ontario? Look no further than! With expertise in the concrete industry, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch services to meet all your concrete needs.

Whether you need a new set of steps installed, an existing staircase extended, or repairs to damaged stairs, we have you covered. Using the latest techniques and materials, we ensure durable and long-lasting results that will enhance the safety and aesthetics of your property. Trust for reliable, efficient, and affordable concrete step solutions. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us transform your stairs into a masterpiece.

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Concrete Stairs Installation

Our team will design and construct a brand new set of concrete stairs tailored to your specifications, ensuring a sturdy and visually appealing addition to your property.


Concrete Stairs Replacement

When your concrete stairs are severely damaged or structurally compromised, our experts will remove the old stairs and install new ones, ensuring a safe and secure replacement.


Concrete Overlay Installation

Our professionals will install a thin layer of overlay material over your existing concrete stairs, creating a fresh surface while covering minor imperfections and enhancing their appearance.

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Precast Concrete Stairs Installation

The precast concrete stairs installation process typically begins with careful planning and preparation. Once the precast stairs are delivered to the site, they are carefully positioned and secured in place using various techniques, such as grouting or anchoring. Precast concrete stairs installations offer a number of advantages, including faster installation times, reduced labor costs, and improved durability and strength. They also provide a safe and reliable means of vertical access in buildings.


Concrete Steps Extension

If you need to expand your existing staircase, we will seamlessly extend the concrete steps to match the current design, providing a smooth transition between the original and extended sections.


Concrete Stairs Patching

Our team will repair localized concrete damages and cracks by applying specially formulated patching materials, eliminating any safety hazards and restoring the structural integrity of your stairs.


Concrete Stairs Waterproofing

We employ effective waterproofing techniques to prevent water seepage and damage to your concrete stairs, ensuring their longevity and resistance to moisture-related issues.


Hand Rail Installation & Replacement

Our team can install new handrails or replace existing ones on your concrete stairs, ensuring optimal safety and compliance with building codes.


Concrete Stairs Resurfacing

We employ professional resurfacing techniques to restore worn-out and damaged concrete steps, giving them a fresh look and adding years to their lifespan.


Polyurethane Stairs Finishing Coating

We offer a durable and attractive polyurethane finishing/coating for your concrete stairs, providing protection against stains, abrasions, and weathering, while adding a polished aesthetic.


Concrete Steps Crack Repair

Our experts will identify and repair cracks in your concrete steps, employing state-of-the-art techniques and materials to restore their strength and prevent further deterioration.


Concrete Steps Sealing

We provide sealing services to protect your concrete steps from moisture, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions, extending their lifespan and maintaining their integrity.

What it Takes to Get Concrete Stairs in Toronto

Process of Concrete Steps Construction

Concrete stairs installation and replacement process may vary depending on the specifics of your project, local regulations. Here is an example of a hypothetical concrete steps construction pouring process:

  • Planning & Design - the first step is to assess the area and determine the layout and design of the concrete steps. Factors such as the desired height, width, number of steps, and aesthetic preferences are taken into consideration during this stage.

  • Excavation & Preparation - the area where the steps will be constructed is excavated to create a solid foundation. Any existing soil or debris is removed, and the ground is leveled and compacted to ensure stability.

  • Formwork Installation - gormwork, typically made of wood or metal, is erected to create the mold for the concrete steps. The formwork is carefully aligned and secured to ensure accurate dimensions and shape.

  • Reinforcement Placement - reinforcement, such as steel bars or mesh, is placed within the formwork to provide structural strength to the concrete steps and prevent cracking. The reinforcement is positioned according to engineering specifications.

  • Concrete Mixing & Pouring - concrete is mixed according to the required specifications, which may include specific ratios of cement, aggregates, and water. The concrete is poured into the formwork in layers, and proper compaction techniques are employed to remove air pockets and ensure homogeneous and solid results.

  • Finishing & Curing - once the concrete is poured, various finishing techniques are employed to achieve the desired texture and appearance. This may include troweling, brushing, or applying patterns or textures. Afterward, the concrete steps are covered with curing compounds or plastic sheeting to retain moisture and allow for proper hydration and strength development.

  • Removal of Formwork & Cleaning - once the concrete has sufficiently cured, the formwork is carefully removed, leaving behind the solid structure of the steps. Any excess concrete or debris is cleaned and removed from the site.

  • Optional Surface Treatments - depending on the desired aesthetics and functional requirements, additional treatments can be applied to the concrete steps. This may include concrete sealing, staining, or applying a protective coating to enhance durability and appearance.

It is important to note that the specific process may vary depending on the project complexity, site conditions, and local building codes. It is always recommended to consult with professional concrete contractors or construction specialists for the best results.

Concrete Stairs Installation & Repair

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