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Concrete Patio Construction Toronto, GTA & Ontario

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Meet offers Concrete Patio Construction and Repair services in Toronto, GTA and South Ontario. Our team of experts can help with concrete patios and decks for commercial and residential properties – homes, pools, restaurants, hotels, condos and apartment buildings and more.


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Why Choose Concrete Patios?

Benefits of Concrete Patio Construction in Toronto

Concrete patio construction is a popular choice in Toronto and Ontario. Most often our clients say that it’s due to the durability and low maintenance required for the concrete patios and deck. But there are many more benefits that concrete patios bring to the table, including:


  • Durability - concrete is a highly durable material that can withstand heavy use and foot traffic. It is resistant to cracking, fading, and damage from weather conditions, making it a long-lasting option for outdoor spaces.

  • Versatility - concrete patios can be molded and shaped into various designs and patterns, allowing for endless customization options. It can be stamped, stained, or textured to resemble other materials like brick or stone, providing a more aesthetic appeal.

  • Low maintenance - concrete patios require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with water and mild soap is usually sufficient to keep them in good condition. They do not require regular sealing or other extensive maintenance like other patio materials.

  • Cost-effective - concrete is generally more affordable than other patio materials such as natural stone or wood. Its lower initial cost and minimal maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  • Environmentally friendly - concrete is a sustainable material as it can be made from locally sourced materials and can be recycled. It also has high thermal mass properties, which can reduce energy consumption by helping to maintain stable temperatures in outdoor areas.

  • Increased property value - adding a concrete patio can increase the value of a property. It adds usable outdoor living space and enhances the overall aesthetics, making the property more appealing to potential buyers.


Wonder what is the best concrete patio solution for your property? Talk to one of our experts today to understand the best materials for your patio and pricing.


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Concrete Patio Pricing - Toronto, GTA & Ontario

How Much Does Concrete Patio Cost in Toronto?

Concrete Patio pouring in Toronto can cost from $10-$25+ per square foot. Specific price of concrete patio will depend on the type of concrete used, thickness, and special requirements (e.g. concrete finish, heater concrete etc.). Our team will provide a more specific cost of concrete installation during the estimation process.

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Popular Concrete Patio Finishes in Toronto

Some of the Concrete Patio Finishes Offered in Toronto & Ontario


Patio Broomed Finish

This is a common finish for concrete patios where a broom is used to create a textured surface. It provides better traction, making it suitable for areas that may get wet or slippery. The texture adds a subtle design element to the patio while also serving a functional purpose.


With a pebble finish, small pebbles or stones are embedded into the concrete surface during the pouring process. This adds texture and visual interest to the patio, creating a natural and organic look. Pebble finishes are a popular choice for outdoor spaces such as pool decks or gardens.


Stamped Concrete Finish

Stamped concrete is a popular choice for those who want to mimic the appearance of natural materials like brick, stone, or wood. It involves pressing textured or patterned mats onto the freshly poured concrete to create a realistic look. Stamped concrete offers a wide range of design options and can be customized to match various styles.


Patio Rock Salt Finish

Rock salt finish involves sprinkling rock salt crystals onto wet concrete and then washing them away once the concrete has cured. This process creates a textured, uneven surface with a slightly rough finish. The resulting pattern resembles the appearance of natural weathered stone and adds a rustic charm to the patio.


Patio Trowel Finish

A trowel finish is achieved by smoothing the concrete surface using a trowel. It creates a sleek and clean appearance with a slightly shiny finish. Trowel finishes are often selected for modern or contemporary patio designs, as they provide a smooth and refined look.


Stenciled Concrete Finish

Stenciled concrete allows for detailed designs and patterns on the patio surface. Stencils are placed on the concrete, and a coloring agent or stain is applied to create the desired design. This finish offers endless customization options and can be used to replicate intricate tile or brick patterns for a unique and decorative look.

Service Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Properties

Commercial & Residential Concrete Patio Construction Services

  • Homeowners - homeowners can benefit from concrete deck and patio construction to enhance their outdoor living spaces. Concrete patios provide a durable and low-maintenance area for relaxation, entertaining, and enjoying the outdoors. They can also increase the value and visual appeal of a home.

  • Restaurants and Cafes - restaurants and cafes can utilize concrete deck and patio construction to create outdoor seating areas for their customers. Concrete patios offer a versatile and long-lasting option for accommodating additional dining space, providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for customers.

  • Hotels and Resorts - hotels and resorts can benefit from concrete deck and patio construction by adding outdoor amenities such as pool decks, lounging areas, and dining spaces. Concrete provides a durable and visually appealing surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions, offering guests a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor experience.

  • Commercial Establishments - concrete decks and patios can also benefit a range of commercial establishments such as shopping centers, office complexes, and recreational facilities. They can be used to create outdoor seating areas, gathering spaces, or recreational areas, expanding the usable space and catering to the needs of employees, visitors, and customers.

  • Municipalities and Parks - concrete deck and patio construction can be utilized in public spaces such as parks and recreational areas. Concrete provides a durable and low-maintenance surface for picnic areas, walking paths, and outdoor gathering spaces, enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of public areas.

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