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Basement Crack Repair Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

Basement & Foundation Crack Repair Services

Our Basement Crack Repair services can help fix foundation cracks of any type and difficulty. From vertical and horizontal basement crack repair to hairline cracks, leaking cracks or newly formed. Our team of expert contractors offers professional assessment services and provides an extensive range of solutions from simple wall and floor crack injections to structural foundation repairs, foundation piering, support pile installations and more.


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Causes of Foundation Cracks

Signs that Basement Crack Repair Toronto is Needed?

Basement crack repair are a serious issue and should never be taken lightly. It is important to consult foundation repair experts when you discover or suspect that basement crack repair may be needed. Some of the common signs that we see in Toronto include.


The most obvious sign is the presence of visible cracks on the interior or exterior walls of your home. These cracks can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal and may vary in size and width.

Another common problem that indicates potential foundation damage is doors and windows that stick or do not close properly, as this may indicate that the foundation has shifted or settled.


If you notice any signs of moisture or water intrusion, such as dampness or mold growth in the basement or crawl space, it may be a sign of foundation cracks allowing water to seep through. In some cases, you may also experience uneven floors or sagging in certain areas of the house. It's important to address these signs promptly to prevent further damage and structural issues.

It is important to repair basement cracks when you find them. Make sure to get a team of professional basement crack repair experts to help fix foundation cracks and seal the walls. Wonder what foundation repair services can do for you?


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How Long Foundation Crack Repair Takes?

How Soon to Repair Foundations Cracks Toronto?

The timeline for repairing foundation cracks in Toronto can vary depending on the severity of the cracks and the availability of repair professionals. It is generally recommended to address foundation cracks as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the foundation and potential structural issues.


If you notice any signs of foundation cracks, such as visible cracks on the interior or exterior walls, doors or windows that are sticking or not closing properly, or signs of moisture or water intrusion, it is advisable to contact a professional foundation repair contractor in Toronto.

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Cost of Foundation Crack Repair Toronto

Cost of Foundation Crack Repair in Toronto

Basement crack repair Toronto cost varies from $1,200-$3,500 per crack. It's important to note that this is just a general estimate. For minor cracks that only require simple repairs like sealant or epoxy injections, the cost may be on the lower end of the spectrum. However, for more severe cracks or structural issues that require more extensive repairs such as underpinning or helical pier installation, the cost will likely be higher. Get a FREE estimate today!

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Foundation Crack Repair Services

Basement Crack Repair Solutions Toronto is a trusted basement crack repair company serving Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario. Over time, we've built a strong reputation for providing high-quality foundation crack repair services. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with the expertise and knowledge to handle a wide range of foundation issues, including basement crack repairs. We utilize advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to accurately assess the problem and deliver effective and long-lasting solutions. Whether it's minor cracks or more severe structural damage repair, offers personalized and reliable solution options are tailored to meet each client's specific needs. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail, is the go-to choice for all your basement crack repair needs in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Get a FREE estimate today!


Foundation piering is used when the original foundation is insufficient. It involves driving steel piers into the ground until they reach a stable soil layer, which then supports the foundation and prevents further movement. Alternatively Basement underpinning services can help digging under the foundation of your property to increase the load bearing capacity of the foundation.


Basement Leak Repair Services

We can help addresse various issues related to wet, damp, or leaky basements. It involves identifying and resolving the underlying causes of water intrusion, such as poor drainage, cracks in the foundation walls or floor, or faulty waterproofing systems. Basement leak repair services are needed to restore a dry and habitable basement environment, preventing potential issues like mold growth and structural deterioration.


Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

Carbon fiber reinforcement is a method used to strengthen and stabilize foundation walls that have experienced cracking or bowing. Carbon fiber straps or plates are applied to the surface of the wall using epoxy adhesive. The carbon fiber material is lightweight, yet incredibly strong, and helps distribute the forces acting on the wall, reducing the likelihood of further movement or damage. This technique is needed when foundation walls have weakened or bowed due to lateral pressure from surrounding soils, water infiltration, or other structural issues. 


Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is a common method used for repairing foundation cracks. It involves injecting epoxy resin into the cracks, which fills and seals them. This repair technique is needed to prevent further water penetration, stabilize the foundation, and restore its structural integrity.


Wall Braces, Stitching and Anchors

Basement wall straightening involves correcting walls that have become bowed or leaning due to pressure from surrounding soils or water accumulation. The process typically involves installing wall anchors or helical tiebacks to pull the wall back into its original position and stabilize it. This service is necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the foundation and prevent further damage or collapse.


Bowing Wall Repair

Poor drainage can cause water to accumulate, leading to structural damage over time. If this is the root cause of the foundation issue, improving the drainage system could be part of the solution.


Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane injection is another method for repairing foundation cracks. Polyurethane foam is injected into the cracks, where it expands and creates a watertight seal. This repair technique is necessary to prevent water infiltration, as well as to provide added support and stability to the foundation.


Foundation Structural Repair

Foundation structural repair services focus on addressing more significant damage or instability in the foundation. This can involve techniques such as underpinning, helical pier installation, or wall reinforcement with materials like carbon fiber or steel. These repairs are essential to restore the foundation's strength and stability, preventing further shifting or settling that may cause severe structural issues.


Basement Post Installation

Basement post installation is the process of reinforcing sagging or weakened basement floors or beams. Steel or adjustable posts are installed to provide additional support and prevent further settling or structural damage. This service is required to restore the stability and safety of the basement, especially in cases where the existing supports have deteriorated or become inadequate.

Why is my Foundation Cracked?

Common Causes of Cracks in the Foundation?

Foundation cracks are common in Toronto and GTA. Our team is often called to repair basement cracks and help precent further damage. While many things can cause foundation cracks, the most common causes that we see include.

  • Foundation Settlement Cracks - one of the main causes of foundation cracks is settlement, which occurs when the soil underneath the foundation compresses or shifts. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as poor soil compaction during construction, changes in moisture content in the soil, or the natural settling of the ground over time.

  • Expansive Soils - expansive soils contain clay that can expand and contract with changes in moisture content. When these soils become saturated with water or dry out, they can exert pressure on the foundation and cause it to crack.

  • Poor Construction - foundation cracks can also be caused by poor construction practices, such as inadequate reinforcement or improper concrete mixing. If the foundation was not properly designed or built, it may be more prone to cracking.

  • Hydrostatic Pressure - hydrostatic pressure occurs when water builds up around the foundation and exerts pressure against it. This can happen due to poor drainage around the foundation, heavy rainfall, or a high water table. Over time, this pressure can cause the foundation to crack.

  • Tree roots - large tree roots near the foundation can cause damage to the foundation by exerting pressure or extracting moisture from the soil beneath it. As the roots grow, they can push against the foundation and cause it to crack.

It is important to repair basement cracks when you find them. Make sure to get a team of professional basement crack repair experts to help fix foundation cracks and seal the walls. Wonder what foundation repair services can do for you?


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  • How much concrete leveling cost vs concrete replacement?
    Concrete leveling normally costs about 25%-50% less compared to concrete replacement. Exact price will depend on the specifics of the property, type of concrete that needs to be repaired or replaced and other requirements of the project.
  • How long will concrete repair last?
    Concrete repair normally lasts between five to ten years, however this can vary greatly from property to property depending on how frequently concrete is used, exposure to the nature and other factors.
  • How much does asphalt driveway cost vs concrete driveway?
    Asphalt driveway in Toronto typically costs $3-$5 per square foot, compared to concrete driveway at $5-$7 per square foot. However, in the long run concrete will likely last longer, require less maintenance. Concrete is also considered more durable and will likely last longer.
  • How much does an average concrete driveway replacement cost?
    You can expect to pay between $5-$20 per square foot of concrete driveway. An average total cost of concrete driveway construction in Toronto ranges from $3,000 to $20,000+.
  • Can I pour concrete myself?
    In some cases you may be able to pour the concrete slab yourself (provided that you don’t need a license or permit in your location). However, this is not recommended as there is a limited time you have before the concrete cures. If not done properly, your concrete slab may crack, or have limited durability, which will require concrete repair or replacement.
  • How big of a concrete slab can I pour myself?
    In some cases a diy project may be possible to pour a relatively small concrete slab (for example for bbq). However, larger projects like concrete sidewalks, driveways or even patio concrete slab pouring will require professional help. This is primarily because you have limited time to finish the concrete properly. If not done correctly, your concrete may not be as durable, will crack or break. In addition, in some locations and some projects may require permits or a license. Always speak to an expert before making decisions about concrete projects.

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