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Foundation Repair Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

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Meet offers foundation repair services in Toronto, GTA and South Ontario. From basement crack repairs, to basement underpinning, basement piering, shoring, helical piers installation, mudjacking, root barrier installation, carbon fiber reinforcement installation, grouting and more.


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Foundation Repair Services Toronto & Beyond

What is Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair involves fixing the structure that supports a house in order to resolve any issues that might be causing damage - sinking foundations, settling, water damage, and more. Depending on the type and extent of the damage, repairs may involve reinforcing the foundation with piers or beams, installing a new drainage system, sealing cracks, or even completely replacing the foundation.


Damage to the foundation can be caused by a variety of factors such as soil shifting, poor construction, age, water damage, poor drainage, natural disasters, or simply normal wear and tear over time.

Price of Foundation Repair in Toronto

How Much Does Foundation Repair Toronto Cost?

Foundation Repair Toronto typically costs from $1,500 to $12,000+. Foundation repair cost will vary depending on the size of the crack, cause of the cracks and overall extent of the damage. In some cases additional repairs may be needed such as wall stitching, helical piere installation, shoring etc.

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Signs that you Need Foundation Repair Services Toronto

If you're in Toronto and suspect issues with your foundation talk to an expert immediately. With that said, here are some signs to look for that might indicate you need professional foundation repair services. 

  • Cracks & Fractures - check your home’s exterior and interior for any visible cracks. These can appear in your foundation itself, or elsewhere in your home. If you see cracks in your walls, floors, bricks or even above door frames, this could be a sign of foundation problems.

  • Uneven or Sloping Floors - if you notice that your floors are uneven or they slope in one direction, it might be due to a shifting foundation.

  • Doors or Windows Become Stuck - doors and windows that used to open smoothly but are suddenly sticking or not closing properly can be a sign that your home's foundation has shifted.

  • Gaps Around Doors and Windows - If you notice spaces around your exterior doors or windows that weren’t there before, this could be a symptom of foundation problems.

  • Wet Basement - if you see water seeping in your basement, basement leaks or wet basemet floors or walls it can be a sign of a foundation issue.

  • Bowing Walls - look for inward or outward curving walls in your basement. These can be indications of soil pressure causing foundation damage.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Line - large lines indicating the walls are separating from the house can suggest a foundation problem that needs immediate attention.

Remember, it's important to consult with a professional if you suspect foundation damage. These can be serious issues that, if left untreated, can lead to bigger problems down the road. A professional can assess the situation and provide the appropriate solutions. Book a FREE estimate today!

Methods of Foundation Repair Toronto, GTA & Ontario

Quality Foundation Repair Services


Foundation piering is used when the original foundation is insufficient. It involves driving steel piers into the ground until they reach a stable soil layer, which then supports the foundation and prevents further movement. Alternatively Basement underpinning services can help digging under the foundation of your property to increase the load bearing capacity of the foundation.


Wall Braces, Stitching and Anchors

If a foundation wall has bowed or shifted, in some cases professionals may recommend installing steel braces or anchors. Wall anchors consist of metal plates that are installed on the interior or exterior of the wall, and are then connected with steel rods to pull the wall back into place.


Poor drainage can cause water to accumulate, leading to structural damage over time. If this is the root cause of the foundation issue, improving the drainage system could be part of the solution.


Foundation Shoring Services

Shoring in foundation repair refers to the process of providing temporary or permanent support to an existing structure or excavation to prevent it from collapsing or caving in during the repair or construction process. This can involve the use of various types of materials like metal beams, wooden planks, hydraulic jacks, or even concrete. Shoring is used to ensure the safety of the construction site, maintaining the stability of the adjacent structures, and to prevent further damage to the foundation while repair is being carried out.


Foundation Sealing

Water leakage can cause significant damage to foundations. In this case, the foundation can be waterproofed using a sealant to prevent future water intrusion.


Slabjacking or Mudjacking

This foudnation repair method involves pumping a cement mixture, also known as grout, underneath a concrete slab to lift it back to its original position. This is usually used for sidewalks, driveways, or slabs in the home that have sunk into the ground.


Epoxy Injection

Cracks in the foundation can be filled using an epoxy injection. This seals the crack and prevents water intrusion and further damage.

How to Minize Foundation Damage?

How to Minimize Risk of Foundation Cracks

  • Proper Drainage - make sure your property has proper drainage to keep water away from the foundation. Excess water can cause the ground to swell and exert pressure on the foundation, leading to cracks.

  • Regular Inspections - inspect your property regularly for signs of foundation issues such as uneven floors, doors, or windows that don't close properly. Catching problems early can lead to less costly repairs.

  • Soil Maintenance - maintain the soil around your property at a consistent level to prevent expansion and contraction that could cause cracks in the foundation. Periodically check the soil, and keep it well-irrigated, especially during dry spells.

  • Avoid Heavy Loads - refrain from placing heavy equipment, vehicles or structures near the perimeter of your foundation that might overload the soil and cause settling, which can lead to cracking.

  • Use Quality Materials - during construction, ensure that the builder uses quality materials and follows proper construction practices to avert future foundation issues.

  • Tree Planting & Root Control - if you have trees near your house, make sure they are not too close as their roots can grow towards the foundation and cause damage.

  • Professional Help - hire a professional for any signs of a foundation problem. Do-it-yourself solutions might not always be effective in dealing with foundation issues and could potentially worsen the situation.

  • Proper Grading - the ground around your foundation should slope away from the house to prevent water from pooling around the foundation which can lead to cracks.

  • Consider Soil Type - different types of soil have different load-bearing capacities. When building, consider the type of soil and make sure it is suitable for the weight of the building.


Foundation Repair

Concrete Repair Toronto & Beyond

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