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Basement Walkouts Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

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Basement Walkout Construction Toronto is a popular service offered by Our team can help add a separate entrance to your basement, as well as additional windows, and doors to get more sunshine, air, and functionality to your basement.


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Definition of Basement Walkout Construction

What is Basement Walkout?

Basement walkout construction is the process of building a basement with a separate ground-level entrance that allows for direct access to the outdoors. This construction technique involves excavating the area where the basement will be located and creating a lower level that is partially or fully exposed above ground. This can be achieved by designing the basement with windows, sliding doors, or patio doors that open onto the outdoor space.


To create a basement walkout, the construction typically involves adding a retaining wall or steps to provide a safe and easy pathway from the basement to the ground level. This may also include installing a walkout basement door or creating a patio or deck area that extends from the basement entrance.

Price of Basement Walkout Construction 

How Much Does Basement Walkout Cost Toronto?

Basement walkout construction in Toronto costs from $15,000-$50,000+. Specific price depends on the ease of access to the basement walls, materials used in your foundation, the extent of the foundation damage, and other requirements such as the size of the doors, the number of windows that need to be added, and more. Get a FREE quote today!

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Services Included in Basement Walkout Construction

What is Involved in Basement Walkout Construction


This service involves cutting an opening in the existing basement wall to create an access point for a walkout. The process typically includes removing a section of the wall, reinforcing the remaining structure, and installing a steel lintel or beam to support the load. This allows for the creation of a doorway or window opening that leads to the walkout area.


Retaining Wall Construction

A retaining wall is often necessary for properties with sloping terrain to create a level area for the basement walkout. This service involves building a structural wall using concrete blocks, poured concrete, or other materials to hold back the soil and prevent erosion. Proper engineering and construction techniques are employed to ensure the stability and longevity of the retaining wall.


Concrete stairs are constructed to provide a safe and durable pathway from the basement walkout entrance to the ground level. The construction process involves forming a frame for the stairs, pouring and leveling concrete into the forms, and then finishing the surface with texturing or other desired treatments. Proper dimensions, slope, and handrail installation are essential elements of this service to ensure compliance with building codes and safety standards.

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Basement Underpinning

Basement underpinning is a process that strengthens the foundations of the existing basement to support the construction of a walkout or any alterations. It typically involves excavating sections of the basement floor in order to reinforce the existing footings and foundation walls. This may be done by installing additional footings or structural columns, applying underpinning techniques such as micropiles or helical piers, or using a combination of these methods to increase the structural integrity of the basement.


A concrete walkway is built to connect the basement walkout to other areas of the property. This includes constructing a sturdy base, placing forms, pouring and leveling concrete, and finishing with curing and sealing processes. The walkway may lead to a driveway, patio, or another desired location, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing pathway.

Basement Walkout Construction Steps

Process of Building a Basement Walkout

  • Evaluate the Property - the first step is to assess the property and determine its suitability for a walkout basement. Factors such as the slope of the land, soil conditions, and building codes/regulations need to be considered.

  • Design & Planning - once the property is deemed suitable, a design and plan for the basement walkout are created. This includes deciding on the location, size, and layout of the walkout, as well as any additional features like windows, doors, or patio areas. Hiring a professional architect or designer can be helpful in this stage.

  • Excavation – our team will remove soil and create the space for the basement walkout. This may involve digging a trench for the walkout entrance, creating a level area for the walkout, and potentially removing excess soil from the property.

  • Foundation and Wall Construction - the foundation for the walkout is typically built using concrete and footings. The walls of the walkout area may be constructed with concrete blocks or poured concrete. Reinforcement, such as steel bars, may be added for strength and stability.

  • Window and door installation - if windows or doors are included in the design, they are installed at this stage. Proper insulation and sealing techniques must be followed to ensure energy efficiency and protect against water infiltration.

  • Construction of Stairs, Walkway, and Retaining Walls - concrete stairs are constructed to provide access from the walkout entrance to the ground level. A concrete walkway may also be built to connect the walkout to other areas of the property. If needed, a retaining wall is constructed to support the walkout area and prevent soil erosion.

  • Finishing Touches - once the structural components are in place, the walkout can be finished according to design plans. This may include flooring, wall finishes, painting, and installation of any desired fixtures or features.


It is essential to adhere to local building codes and regulations throughout the construction process. Hiring professional contractors who are experienced in building basement walkouts is recommended to ensure the project is completed safely and efficiently.

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Why Build a Walkout Basement?

Benefits of Basement Walkout Construction

  • Light & Air - basement walkouts typically include windows and doors, which allow for an increased amount of natural light to enter the basement. 

  • Additional living space -  basement walkout can effectively expand the usable living space of a home, convert the basement into a rental unit, and more.

  • Enhanced Functionality - having a basement walkout allows for easy access to the basement from the outside, eliminating the need to go through the main living areas. 

  • Improved Resale Value - many homebuyers appreciate the added functionality, convenience, and flexibility offered by a walkout baseman, making your property more desirable.

  • Ease of access - the basement walkout provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The walkout area can also be enhanced with the construction of a patio or deck, further enhancing the outdoor living experience.

Why Get a Basement Walkout in Toronto?

Basement Walkout Potential Use Cases

Walkout basements provide versatile spaces that can be adapted to meet various needs and preferences. They have the potential to be used as guest suites, outfitted with bedrooms, bathrooms, and a small kitchenette for privacy and convenience when friends or family visit. Alternatively, they can serve as an at-home office or workspace, especially valuable in today's working remote trend, since walkout basements often offer a distinct separation from the main living areas, reducing noise and distractions, while the direct outside access provides a professional way for customers or clients to visit if necessary. The added natural light and constant access to outdoor spaces also support productivity and creativity.

For physical fitness enthusiasts, walkout basements can be transformed into personal gyms or yoga studios, while others may opt to convert them into entertainment hubs, ideal for setting up home theaters, game rooms, or home bars. Lastly, subject to local regulations, walkout basements can be turned into separate rental units for extra income, offering a private living area for tenants with its own entrance.

Cost of Basement Walkout vs Home Addition

Is Basement Walkout Cheaper than Home Addition?

Yes, in most cases, basement walkout projects are cheaper than home additions. Cost of basement walkout construction is typically around $25,000+, while an average cost of home addition in Toronto can range from $300-$450+ per square foot. 

Basement Walkout Construction Timeline

How Long Does Basement Walkout Construction Take?

Basement walkout construction can take from 2 to 4 weeks to complete. Specific timeframe will depend on the ease of access, ground conditions and additional underpinning requirements for your property.

Basement Walkouts

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