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Meet offers a number of concrete contractor services ranging from simple concrete repair services, concrete construction, and building concrete driveways and sidewalks to complex tasks like basement underpinning, concrete demolition, basement walkout construction, sinking foundations, and more.


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Why Choose Concrete Contractors in Richmond Hill?

Benefits of Professional Concrete Construction Services

When looking for concrete construction or concrete repair services there is no better way to approach this than working with professional concrete contractors.


There are several benefits associated with working with professional contractors for residential and commercial concrete services. First, professional contractors have the expertise and experience to handle complex projects efficiently and effectively. Our knowledge of industry best practices ensures that projects are completed to the highest standards, minimizing the need for future repairs or corrections. Additionally, our team of professional concrete contractors has access to specialized equipment and materials, allowing us to tackle a wide range of projects with precision.


The expertise and resources we bring to the table result in cost-effective concrete solutions, optimize project timelines, and minimize material waste. Moreover, professional contractors at prioritize safety, implementing proper measures to reduce the risk of accidents during construction. By hiring our team for concrete construction services, you can be confident in receiving durable, aesthetically pleasing results that meet or exceed their expectations.

How Much Does Concrete Construction Cost in Richmond Hill?

Concrete Cost Richmond Hill

Concrete construction cost in Richmond Hill ranges from $5-$30 per square foot of concrete. During the estimate our team will go over additional requirements to determine the cost - ease of access to the area, need for concrete demolition, removal, concrete finish you are looking for, etc. In addition, we will discuss concrete requirements like thickness, reinforcement, and more.

More About Concrete Cost

Residential & Commercial Concrete Construction

Popular Concrete Construction Services in Richmond Hill is a leading provider of high-quality concrete construction and repair services in Richmond Hill - L3P, L3T, L4B, L4C, L4E, L4S and beyond. With a team of skilled professionals and years of industry experience, we specialize in delivering exceptional results for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Whether it's repairing cracks and potholes or undertaking major concrete construction projects, ensures precision and durability every step of the way. Their attention to detail, use of top-grade materials, and adherence to industry standards guarantee optimal outcomes. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they strive to exceed expectations by delivering cost-effective solutions within agreed-upon timelines. Trust for all your concrete needs in Richmond Hill, and experience their commitment to quality workmanship and reliable service.


This service involves constructing concrete structures for commercial buildings, such as office complexes and retail spaces. It typically starts with a detailed design, followed by excavation and leveling of the construction site. Steel reinforcements are placed in the excavated area and then concrete is poured and cured to form the desired structure.


Concrete Removal

Concrete driveway construction involves preparing the site, installing formwork, placing steel reinforcements if necessary, pouring and finishing the concrete, and allowing it to cure. A well-constructed concrete driveway provides a durable and low-maintenance surface for vehicle access.


Concrete slabs refer to large flat surfaces made of poured and cured concrete. They are commonly used in various applications such as flooring for industrial facilities or garages. The process involves site preparation, formwork installation, placement of reinforcements if needed, pouring and leveling of concrete mixture, followed by curing and finishing.

Cost of Concrete Slab: $5-$20+ per square foot


Basement underpinning can be used when there is a need to increase the depth or stability of an existing basement foundation. It involves supporting the existing foundation with temporary supports, excavating sections of the foundation in a controlled manner, installing additional support structures like reinforced concrete footings or piles, and finally backfilling and finishing the underpinned area.

Basement Underpinning Cost: $76-$350 per linear foot

Bench Footing with Brick Wall Example.jpeg

Also known as benching or stepped footing, this technique is used when there is a need for creating level areas at different elevations within a foundation. It involves digging trenches at different depths, installing horizontal layers of concrete in each trench which act as steps or benches, ensuring stability and preventing soil collapse.


Concrete Repair

This service is for you if you need help fixing damaged or deteriorated concrete by repairing cracks, spalling (surface deterioration), or other issues. The repair process may involve cleaning the affected area, applying bonding agents or fillers to restore stability and strength, and finally refinishing the surface if needed. Different repair techniques can be used depending on the specific problem at hand.


Similar to driveway construction, concrete sidewalk construction involves site preparation, formwork installation, reinforcements (if required), pouring and finishing of the concrete. Sidewalks are essential pedestrian pathways that need to be designed with proper slope and adherence to local codes.

Concrete Walkway Cost: $5-$30+ per square foot

Example of Basement Walkout

Basement Walkout Construction Richmond Hill

Basement walkouts are an excellent way to create additional access points to your basement. This involves cutting a hole in the foundation, building stairs, and creating a sloped or levelled walkway leading to the exterior ground level. It can provide convenience, natural light, and the potential for a separate entrance to the basement area.


This service is employed when a concrete surface has become uneven or settled due to factors like soil movement or poor compaction. It typically involves injecting material (such as polyurethane foam) beneath the sunken areas or applying self-leveling concrete mixtures to bring the surface back to its original level.

Concrete Leveling Cost: $3-$10+ per square foot


Retaining walls are structures built to hold back soil or other materials on one side while leveling off a different elevation on the other side. They are commonly made of concrete for their strength and longevity. The construction process involves excavation, installation of reinforcements, pouring and compacting concrete in layers, and sometimes adding drainage systems, backfilling, and finishing touches.


Concrete Cutting

This service is used to create precise cuts in existing concrete structures or slabs. It utilizes specialized equipment, such as diamond-tipped saws or blades, to cut through the concrete cleanly without causing any damage to surrounding areas. Concrete cutting is commonly used during remodeling projects or when creating openings for doors, windows, or utility access.


Concrete driveway installation involves excavating the area, setting up proper sub-base and drainage, installing formwork, and pouring and finishing the concrete to create a durable and visually appealing driveway. This service ensures a smooth and long-lasting surface for vehicles and enhances the curb appeal of your property.

Concrete Driveway Cost: $5-$30+ per square foot


Foundation repair focuses on fixing issues with the concrete foundation of a building that may be experiencing settlement, shifting, cracking, or moisture-related problems. The process involves identifying the underlying cause of the foundation issue through inspections and testing methods. Common repairs include underpinning (adding additional support), crack injections (filling cracks to prevent further damage), or waterproofing to prevent water infiltration.

Foundation Repair Cost: $1,500-$12,000+


Concrete parging is a technique used to improve the appearance of concrete walls or foundations by applying a thin layer of mortar or cement mixture. It can help conceal imperfections, small cracks, or rough surfaces while providing protection against moisture penetration and increasing overall durability.

Precast-Concrete-Stairs-Installation-Toronto .jpg

Concrete steps are constructed to provide safe access between different levels or areas. The process involves excavating and leveling the site for proper stair positioning, building formwork to shape the steps, placing steel reinforcements if necessary, pouring concrete mixture into each step's formwork mold, finishing the surface with trowels for texture or non-slip properties, and finally allowing it to cure.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Construction

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