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Concrete Cutting, Demolition and Removal Toronto & Ontario

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We can help with any of your concrete demolition, cutting, removal and recycling in Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario. Our team of experts can help with residential and commercial concrete demotion and removal services, helping you refresh your property for the future.


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Common Reasons for Concrete Removal

Why Get Concrete Demolition and Removal in Toronto?

Concrete removal and demolition are popular in Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario. Everyone has a different reason for concrete removal - renovations, expansions or simply to refresh their property.


  • Renovation or remodeling - if you're planning to renovate or remodel your property, you may need to remove existing concrete structures like driveways, walkways, or foundations to make way for new construction.

  • Building expansion - if you're expanding your property, you may need to remove concrete structures to create space for new buildings or additions.

  • Safety concerns - damaged or deteriorating concrete structures can pose safety risks. Cracked or uneven concrete surfaces can be a tripping hazard, and old or unstable structures may be at risk of collapse. Removing and replacing these structures can help ensure the safety of occupants and visitors.

  • Landscaping - if you're looking to redesign your outdoor space, concrete demolition and removal may be necessary to clear the area for landscaping features like gardens, patios, or pools.

  • Property maintenance - regular maintenance of concrete structures is essential to ensure their longevity and prevent further damage. Removing damaged or deteriorating concrete and replacing it with new structures can help maintain your property's value and aesthetics.


Overall, getting concrete demolition and removal services are popular in Toronto can help you with various construction and maintenance projects while ensuring safety and environmental sustainability.


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Cost of Concrete Removal & Demolition Toronto & South Ontario

How Much Does Concrete Demolition & Removal Cost?

Concrete removal cost in Toronto ranges from $2-$6+ per linear foot. Your price may fluctuate from $2-$7 depending on the location of the property, type of concrete that is being removed (e.g. reinforced concrete), ease of access to the site etc. Our team will provide a more specific price during the FREE estimation process.

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Our Concrete Demolition & Removal Toronto

What is Included Under Concrete Removal Services?


Concrete Demolition

Concrete demolition is the process of completely or partially destroying concrete structures. It can involve using heavy machinery, such as hydraulic breakers or jackhammers, or controlled demolition techniques that utilize explosives.


Concrete Coring

Concrete coring involves drilling precise, circular holes in concrete using a core drill. This technique is commonly used for installing plumbing, electrical conduits, or HVAC systems, or for creating holes for anchoring purposes.


Concrete Disposal

Concrete disposal means proper and responsible disposal of concrete waste material. This can include loading the concrete onto trucks and transporting it to approved disposal sites.


Curb cutting involves the removal of sections of curbs, typically to create driveways or walkways. This is achieved using saws or other cutting tools to cut through the concrete curb.


Concrete cutting is the process of using specialized tools, such as diamond blades, to cut through concrete surfaces or structures. This technique can be used to create openings, modify shapes, or remove sections of concrete.


Concrete Recycling

Concrete recycling is the process of reusing crushed or ground-up concrete for other construction purposes. Recycled concrete can be used as a base for new projects or blended with other materials to create sustainable construction materials.


Core Drilling

Core drilling is a technique used to create precise holes in concrete using a core drill. It is often done for plumbing, electrical, or HVAC installations or to create openings for ventilation or windows.


Asphalt Cutting & Removal

Asphalt driveway removal involves dismantling and removing existing asphalt driveways. It typically involves using heavy machinery, such as excavators or skid steers, to break apart and remove the asphalt surface, ensuring a clean and smooth removal process.

Where to Dispose of Concrete?


Concrete Removal

Concrete removal entails dismantling and removing existing concrete structures or surfaces. It may involve the use of heavy machinery, including excavators, jackhammers, or saws, to safely break apart and remove the concrete.


Wire Sawing

Wire sawing (cutting) utilizes a diamond wire looped around the concrete structure to be cut. The wire is then pulled back and forth at high speed, effectively slicing through thick or reinforced concrete, such as bridge columns or concrete beams.


Concrete slab sawing and removal specifically refers to the technique of cutting through large, flat concrete surfaces, such as floors or pavements, using saws with diamond blades. Once cut, the concrete slabs can be removed and disposed of or recycled.

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