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Bench Footing Toronto & GTA

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Meet is a trusted provider of bench footing Toronto, GTA and other locations in Southern Ontario. Our services include a variety of basement floor lowering approached – from bench footing Toronto to underpinning and more.


If you are looking for quality bench footing services, your search is over, your found us. Discuss your project & get a free on-site estimate with our bench footing contractors today! Get a FREE estimate today!

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Bench Footing Definition

What is Bench Footing?

Bench footing Toronto is a service used for basement floor lowering. It helps create more space in your home and, unlike basement underpinning, does not require digging beneath the existing foundation. That’s why basement bench footing services tend to be cheaper compared to traditional basement underpinning.


Not all houses can get bench footing done. That’s why it’s important to hire reputable bench footing professionals to evaluate the construction of your home. This way you can avoid potential problems later on.

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Why Choose Bench Footing Toronto?

What are the Benefits of Bench Footing?

Bench footing is a complex process that requires qualifications and experience from contractors performing the work. With that said, basement benching provides a number of benefits and is the preferred method for basement floor loweing in many scenarios. Here is a couple of common bench footing benefits:


  • Less Labour – compared to basement underpinning, bench footing is less labour intensive. Bench footing contractors have less digging to do, this makes the work easier and often more affordable.

  • Cost-Effective – when it comes to basement floor lowering, bench footing services deliver similar results to basement underpinning, which oftentimes makes it the preferred solution.

  • Less Time Consuming – if you can’t wait to furnish your new basement space, bench footing may be the right service to choose. On average, bench footing takes about four weeks to complete, more time-effective compared to basement waterproofing.

  • Interesting Spaces – when you bench foot your basement space, you will have visible benches left in the space. But don’t be upset, benches can be converted into usable features of the space (like shower benches) or hidden in the furniture.

  • Neighbors & Approvals – bench footing is an option you may want to consider if you have a shared foundation and your neighbor doesn’t allow you to dig under the foundation.

There is more. Talk to one of our experts for a free on-site estimate and get basement bench footing with 20% off! 

Should you Choose Underpinning or Bench Footing Toronto?

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Choosing between bench footing and basement underpinning it is important to keep some of the benefits & considerations in mind. Here is a couple pros & cons of bench footing to consider:

Bench Footing Pros:

  • Speed – bench footing is less time-consuming compared to basement underpinning.

  • Cost – is often more affordable compared to basement underpinning

  • Excavation – bench footing requires less excavation work

  • Common Walls – a good way to lower the floors of your basement if your neighbor won’t allow you to do the foundation work (needed with underpinning)

  • Enjoyment – basement floor lowering will turn your basement into a more enjoyable space.

Bench Footing Disadvantages:

  • Decreased Living Space – one of the disadvantages that in some cases makes people choose basement underpinning as a preferred floor lowering service is having less living space. Once the project is complete concrete benches will be left. While they can be functional or hidden inside furniture this will slightly reduce the amount of space.

  • Doesn’t Cover Crack Repairs – unlike basement underpinning, bench footing services won’t include crack repairs. However, if you need crack repairs included, we can easily include this in our estimate.

What to Expect from Basement Bench Footing Process?

Example of Bench Footing Toronto Process

What bench footing basement looks like?
Bench Footing Interior Design Idea

It is important to keep in mind that every project and every property is different. With that said, he is a high-level example of the bench footing process.

Keep in mind, bench footing is a complex task that should only be performed by experienced bench footing contractors.


  • Plan & Permits – bench footing projects start with the free on-site estimate. The next step after is creating all the required plans, and drawings & getting permits from the city.

  • Demolition & Clearing the Space – on this stage old concrete slab, as well as other finishing materials, equipment, and everything else in the basement will be removed. At this stage, contractors will also ensure the stability of the structure by fixing the ceiling using jack posts if there are load-bearing walls in the center of the basement.

  • Excavation – now that the space is ready, excavation work can begin. Our team will start by creating a trench along the walls and installing a wooden form to create the bench. It will protect your basement from the soil outside. Once the trench is reinforced, our team will then dig the soil following a methodology going from the center of the basement.

  • Inspection & Sign-Off – at this stage sign-off from the architect is needed to proceed to the next stage.

  • Concrete Bench Pouring – concrete bench is built at this stage. Concrete will be poured in the pre-built form. The team will ensure that no air is left in the concrete to ensure the structural integrity of the form. If there is access to the basement, concrete will be added through a chute, otherwise, the team will carry concrete manually.

  • Drain System Installed – sump pump, pipes, and drain system are installed following the drawings.

  • Basement Waterproofing – our team will now waterproof basement walls & floors. This is needed in order to protect your basement from unwanted basement leaks & water intrusion. Basement waterproofing will help keep your basement more safe from future water leaks.

  • Concrete Slab Pouring – the final step in the bench footing process. It will take about a week to dry the concrete slab and it will finally harden in about a month. Our team will remove construction debris & clear the space.

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