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Bowing Basement Wall Repair Toronto & South Ontario

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Work with a team of experts on bowing wall repair, wall straightening, and tilting walls in Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario. Our team of foundation repair contractors can help repair bowing walls, tilting walls, and other foundation damage. We work with residential and commercial clients in Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario.


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Basement Wall Bowing Repair in Toronto

Causes of Tilting and Bowing Foundation Walls

Bowing and tilting foudantion walls are a dangerous and serios foundation damage. If you think that you have bowing walls, make sure to talk to an expert as soon as possible.


There is a number of potential reasons foundation walls may be bowing or tilting. Some of the common causes of the tilting foundation walls can include:


  • Poor Construction - if the foundation is not properly designed or constructed, it can lead to structural issues over time. This may include inadequate reinforcement or improper footing installation.

  • Water Damage - excessive moisture in the soil surrounding the foundation can cause the soil to expand, exerting pressure on the walls. This is commonly caused by poor waterproofing or drainage, leaky plumbing, heavy rainfalls, etc.

  • Expansive Soils - some soils, known as expansive soils, have a high clay content that tends to expand when moist and contract when dry. This cyclical expansion and contraction can put pressure on foundation walls, leading to tilting and bowing.

  • Poor Soil Compaction - if the soil beneath the foundation was not properly compacted before construction, it may settle unevenly over time. This differential settlement can cause the walls to tilt or bow.

  • Tree Roots - the roots of large trees near a foundation can exert significant pressure on the walls as they seek water sources. This can lead to movement and instability in the foundation.

  • Earthquakes or Seismic Activity - in areas prone to earthquakes or seismic activity, strong ground vibrations can cause foundations to shift and walls to tilt or bow.

  • Age and Deterioration - over time, wear and tear on a foundation can weaken its structural integrity, leading to gradual tilting or bowing of the walls.


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Bowing & Tilting Wall Repairs Can Include

Bowing Foundation Wall Repair Services Toronto & Ontario


If recommended by engineers a number of services can be included as a part of foundation strengthening underpinning project to installing additional support beneath the existing foundation to stabilize it. Various techniques can be used, such as helical piers, steel push piers, or micropiles, depending on the specific circumstances.


Wall Bracing Services

In cases where bowing is severe, temporary or permanent braces can be installed to support the wall and prevent further movement. These braces may use steel beams (C-Beams,I-Beams etc.), hydraulic jacks, or braces anchored against opposite walls.


Wall Anchor or Helical Tiebacks Installation

These systems involve drilling holes into the bowing walls and securing them to strong anchor points in the soil outside. The anchors or tiebacks help pull the wall back into place and provide additional support to prevent further movement.


Basement Leak Repair & Drainage System Installation

If poor drainage was a contributing factor, experts may recommend correcting grading issues, and installing proper drainage systems can help divert water away from the foundation, preventing future damage.


Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement

Carbon fiber straps or sheets can be applied to the interior surface of a bowing wall to increase its strength and stability. The carbon fiber acts as a reinforcement, stopping further bowing and distributing pressure evenly across the wall.


Cracks in the foundation can be filled using an epoxy injection. This seals the crack and prevents water intrusion and further damage.

Bowing or Tilting Wall Repair Can Include

Sample Process of Bowing Wall Repair

Every bowing wall repair project is different because of location of your property, exact cause of the damage, access level to the foundation (inside and outside), as well as approach to bowing wall repair selected by the Engineer. However, here is a sample bowing wall repair process.

  • Initial inspection - a professional foundation repair contractor will visit the site to assess the extent of the damage and determine the underlying causes of the bowing walls. They may use tools such as laser levels, inclinometers, or soil tests to evaluate the degree of tilt and identify any structural deficiencies.

  • Structural Engineer's Evaluation - in some cases, a structural engineer may be required to evaluate the condition of the foundation walls and provide recommendations for repair methods.

  • Designing Repair Solution - based on the assessment and engineer's recommendations, the contractor will develop a customized repair plan. This plan may include one or more of the methods mentioned earlier, such as underpinning, wall anchors or tiebacks, carbon fiber reinforcement, or wall bracing.

  • Permits - depending on local regulations and requirements, obtaining necessary permits for the repair work may be necessary. 

  • Excavation - for exterior repairs involving underpinning or wall anchoring, excavation is often needed to access the affected area of the foundation walls. The soil around the foundation may need to be excavated to expose the foundation walls fully.

  • Installation of Repair Systems - the chosen repair method will be implemented at this stage. It could involve installing helical piers or steel push piers beneath the foundation, drilling holes into the walls for anchor or tieback installation, applying carbon fiber reinforcement strips/panels on interior surfaces, or installing braces against opposite walls.

  • Wall Realignment/Stabilization - once the repair systems are in place, they will be adjusted or tensioned to stabilize and potentially realign the bowing walls gradually over time.

  • Restoration - after completing structural repairs, any excavation areas will be backfilled and compacted with appropriate materials. The landscaping may need to be restored if disturbed during the excavation process.

  • Monitoring and periodic inspections - the repaired walls may require regular monitoring to ensure that no further movement or issues arise. The contractor may schedule follow-up visits to confirm the stability of the repaired walls.


It's important to note that this is a general outline, and specific steps may vary depending on the individual circumstances of each project. Hiring an experienced foundation repair professional is crucial to ensuring proper assessment, design, and implementation of the repair process.

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